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Unattended Death Cleanup UK

If you are wondering with how to find unattended death cleaners near me, then you are at the right place. We provide unattended death cleaning services across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland And In Jersey.

The aftermath of an unsupervised death or suicide is unsettling to say the least. It is traumatic for the person who finds the body and of course for family and friends of the deceased. The physical aftermath and odour is extremely overwhelming to most people who have witnessed this type of event such as unattended death and cleaning your property after an unattended death is the most difficult, very hazardous, speechlessly distressing and utterly impossible task. But Our Death Cleaning Specialists will be most pleased to help you in these difficult times. 

Our Death Cleaning Service is all inclusive, meaning, you do not need to do nothing from your side, we will arrange it all from start to finish!

The process of cleaning a trauma or unattended death scene is regulated by the Ministry of the Environment and Guideline C-4. Biological waste removed from the scene is considered to be hazardous by the MOE. All hazardous debris must be sealed in specialized containers and transported by ministry approved vehicles to a certified waste treatment center. There must be documented evidence that the process was completed correctly. Our team strictly adheres to all guidelines and codes.

UK Hoarding and Extreme Cleaning Services provides trauma scene cleaning services. The work involved is highly detailed and should be completed by professionals who are willing to take the time and measures to complete the job properly. There is a risk involved in dealing with bodily fluids. Blood-borne pathogens can remain alive even in dried blood. The HIV virus, for example, can remain vital in dried blood for a week. Saturated surfaces, such as wood floors, may be beyond cleaning and need to be removed. Special precautions and chemicals are required to ensure the safety of the trauma scene remediation workers and residents in the building.

Trauma Scene Cleaning in a condominium building environment with common areas is a sensitive job. The team must carry out their duties in a discreet manner to protect the privacy of the deceased and their family. Additionally, many residents in the building would be upset by this activity – workers should arrive in an unmarked vehicle and wear appropriate gear that is unmarked. 

Any containers that have a biohazard emblem on them should not be carried through the common areas openly. These containers should be discreetly placed in unmarked containers until they are sealed in the truck. The team should work quietly and not cause any disturbance to residents in the building.

If there’s an unfortunate unattended death and you require the property cleaned, get in touch with Biohazard Cleaning Specialists For After Death Cleaning Services today across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland And In Jersey.

Have your property professionally deep cleaned and sanitised in 3 simple steps


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We will send a fully equipped and protected technician or a team


They will treat the risky areas with a CERTIFIED virucidal cleaner

Frequently asked questions

Q: What Unattended Death Cleaning Services You Offer?

A: We Offer All Inclusive Death Cleaning Services Including Dealing With The Aftermath, Bodily Fluids, Removal Of Hazardous Waste, Removal Of Odour, Site Clearance, Disinfecting, Deodorising, Deep Cleaning, Steam Cleaning Services And The Rest Of The Services To Deal With The After Math.

Q: Are You Fully Insured?

A: Yes, We Are A Fully Insured Biohazard Cleaning Company. We Are Probably The Most Reliable Unattended Death Cleaning Company Anywhere In England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland And Jersey.

Q: Are You Able To Clear The Entire Property As Part Of Your After Death Cleaning Services?

A: Yes, Indeed. This Is Part Of The Job, This could be however included or excluded. You Have A Choice.

Q: What Will Happen With The Valued Items And Items Of Sentimental Value?

A: All Of Them Items Will Be Disinfected, Deodorised, Deep Cleaned And Sanitised.

Q: How Do I Book After Death Cleaning Service?

A: Just Give Us A Call. And Our Unattended Death Cleaning Specialists Will Be Happy To Help.

Q: How Do We Pay You?

A: Payments Can Be Made Via Debit And Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, Payment Links And So Forth.

Q: Do I Have To Do Anything From My Side?

A: No. You Do Not. If You Can. Just Ensure, There's Hot And Cold Running Water In There As Well As Electric.

Q: I am Happy To Book Your Unattended Death Cleaning Service, How Soon Could You Attend?

A: As An Unattended Death Is Speechlessly Hazardous, We Should Be Able To Attend Straight Away, Depending On What Is Convenient For You.

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Over 100 services for your home and business!

Easy online booking, contactless payment, guaranteed work done! +447506709450