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Effective and Comprehensive Odour Removal Regimens

Many things can cause a bad odour in a home or business to linger; pets, animal urine, cigarette smoke, spoiled food, garbage, hoarding, sewer backup, the aftermath of a fire, and the poignant odour of a decomposing body.

Understanding the type of odour can assist in the correct application for its removal. Some odours such as protein odours or decomposing body odours are much more difficult to remove than the odours caused by tobacco smoke or a small kitchen fire.

Disguising an odour with a more pleasant odour or covering an odour with a fragrance that is stronger is referred to as ‘masking’. Almost all deodorising agents contain a masking agent. Masking agents are often used to provide temporary odour masking until permanent odour control techniques can be employed, however masking agents are the most effective means of counteracting psychological odour.

Pairing the odour is when a chemical combines with the molecular structure of the odour molecule or substance, which imports some of its own chemical properties. There are many water-soluble deodorisers available plus electronic deodorising such as Ozone Generators.

Modification of an odour occurs when a chemical is used which changes the structure of the odour cell eliminating its ability to produce the odour. There are three types of modification agents: Attacking, Killing and Enzymes.

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Over 100 services for your home and business!

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