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Bodily Fluids Cleaning Services

Bodily Fluids Cleaning Services In Homes And Businesses Across UK.

Biohazard Cleaning Services expertise provides specialist cleaning for the services listed below…

Specialising in bodily fluids cleaning services across England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Accident scene clean up
  • Blood spill clean up
  • Bodily fluids removal & decontamination
  • Clean up of death scenes & corpses
  • Contamination cleaning
  • Crime and accident clean up
  • Dead animal removal
  • Dead body removal
  • Excrement clean up
  • Fatality clean up
  • MRSA disinfection
  • Suicide clean up & decontamination

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Body fluids are a source of infectious micro-organisms (bacteria,
viruses and fungi).

The main risk is infection following hand to mouth/nose/eye contact. There is also a risk of infection via broken skin (cuts or scratches). Cleaning products may contain hazardous substances such as
biocides and surfactants. Health effects from cleaning products include irritation, dermatitis and
breathing problems.

Erect barriers and notices.

Store cleaning products and materials in a designated area.
Equipment and procedures

Control equipment
Provide dedicated cleaning equipment.
Chlorine-releasing disinfectant is suitable, eg hypochlorite solution.
Provide closeable containers and bags, labelled ‘Clinical waste’.
Provide buckets with disinfectant and long-handled brushes for
personal decontamination at the exit point.

Control procedures
Ensure a good standard of general ventilation.
Scrape up residues into the closeable container, for safe disposal.
Bag up contaminated material that needs laundry or disposal, eg
bedding, clothing.
Wash surfaces clean with detergent before disinfecting.
Heavily fouled soft furnishings may need bagging for disposal as clinical

Cleaning and housekeeping

Assume that everything that might be contacted by body fluids is
Clean and disinfect the area after the task.
Use the ‘buddy’ system to decontaminate PPE and work clothing –
minimise the spread of contamination.
Change out of work clothing before exiting the area.
Provide bags labelled ‘Clinical waste – Biohazard’ for all contaminated

Disinfect or sterilise reusable work equipment.
Ensure that waste from the cleaning of body fluids is disposed of safely
according to local rules and regulations.
Caution: If soiled, bag up work clothes for laundry as a separate load.
Personal decontamination and skin care
Wash before eating or drinking, and after touching any surface or
object that might be contaminated.
Provide warm water, mild skin cleansers, nailbrushes, and soft paper,
fabric towels or hot air for drying. Avoid abrasive cleansers.
Instruct workers in how to clean their skin effectively.
Provide pre-work skin creams, which will make it easier to wash dirt
from the skin, and after-work creams to replace skin oils.

Caution: ‘Barrier creams’ or ‘liquid gloves’ do not provide a full barrier.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Are You Able To Remove Blood After Accident?

A: Yes, We May Be Very Pleased To Help. We Will Even Disinfect, Deodorise, Deep Steam Clean And Sanitise The Surfaces.

Q: Are You Able To Deal With Urine Cleaning And Removal?

A: We Are Always Happy To Help Our Countrymen And Women When They Need Us The Most. Simply Give Us A Call For Urine Cleaning And Removal Services.

Q: Are You Able To Remove Faeces From Our Home, Tenanted Property Or Workplace?

A: Yes, Sure. We Provide Complete Biohazard Cleaning Services.

Q: We Have Animal Fouling In Our Garden, Are You Able To Deal With It?

A: Yes. We Have Great Expertise In Removing, Cleaning And Disinfecting Animal Fouling Areas.

Q: Are You Able To Remove Bodily Fluids Of A Dead Animal From Roadside Or Elsewhere?

A: Yes. No Problem. Give Us A Call Now.

Q: Are You Able To Remove And Clear Dead Animal?

A: Yes. No Problem. We Are A Top Tier Waste Removal Company Including Biohazard Waste.

Q: What Areas Do You Cover?

A: We Cover Across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland And Jersey.

Q: How Do I Book The Service?

A: Just Give Us A Call And We Will Sort It Out.

Q: Will You Issue An Invoice?

A: Yes, Indeed. It Will Be Emailed.

Q: How Do I Pay?

A: You Could Pay Using Payment Link, Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer Or Cash.

Q: Are You VAT Registered?

A: Yes, We Are Indeed.

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Over 100 services for your home and business!

Easy online booking, contactless payment, guaranteed work done! +447506709450